Kikogal Website Creation

By Mary & Mary Kay

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We raised Kiko Goats in Coffeen, Il until our age made the work just too difficult to continue.   We are now retired from raising goats but we haven’t stopped loving them. You might remember us from some of the Kiko Goat Auctions.

* Prior to raising goats we owned and managed our own internet retail business for nearly twenty years.  This was called Treasures Old & New.  We created our own website and we did our own advertising.   This gave us total control over our business.  We did not start this business without help.  We actually hired a man to teach us how to make web sites and how to advertise on the Internet.  This has not only saved us lots of money.. It has made us money.

We now want to help you.

* What we do is we come to your farm and put a program on your computer that makes webpages.  We then spend time with you - teaching you- how to make your own websites and how to take pictures of your goats and put them onto your own website.  We then teach you how to use a program to advertise your own business throughout the Internet.  

Please believe me:   You really need to have total control of your own website and your own business.  This will save you lots of money and help you make more money.

If you are interested in spending the time to learn how to create and manage your own website and also how to advertise your website in all of the top search engines… give us a call.

Already have a website but search engines can’t find you?

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